RUN WITH US OCT 25, 2015
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Rattle Me Bones features three events with something for every age and ability, including a Zombie Zone; the 10K Wishbone; 5K Funnybone and 2K T-Bone.


Make a detour through the Zombie
Zone at the end of your 5K or 10K run!

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Cancer patients treated in world-first clinical trial of Canadian viral therapy

Canadian researchers have launched the world’s first clinical trial of a novel investigational therapy that uses a combination of two viruses to attack and kill cancer cells, and stimulate an anti-cancer immune response. Previous research by this team and others worldwide suggests that this approach could be very powerful, and could have fewer side effects… View Article... Read More G à D : Dr Derek Jonker, Christina Monker (clinical trial participant), Dr John Bell
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Nordion brings the zombies back

After a year of hiatus, Organizers at The Ottawa Hospital Foundation are thrilled to have revived the infamous Rattle Me Bones fundraising event... Read More nordion
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